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Wednesday, January 27, 2016



I cannot believe my grandson Jackson Tate is turning 2 years-old. The days and years are just flying by without any regards that it is making me a little more seasoned everyday that passes. JT, Jackson Tate, loves to watch a cartoon called Super Why, therefore his party theme was Super Why.
Hip Hip Hurray!

He loves watching this show on PBS and loves to sing and dance and follow along singing his alphabet. It is funny how children seem to relate to a particular character once they identify with them. Sofia's love was Daniel Tiger, a show that takes after our beloved Mr. Rogers. She loved the color red which happened to be the color of Daniel's sweater. Can't wait to see if he loves the color blue or green.

Let me take a step back to give you a little perspective of how my darling grandson entered the world. As you can imagine nothing in my life is smooth sailing and thus far God has made sure this continues with my daughter for now.
After the pregnancy she had with Sofia and the fibroid issues she had to have some procedures before and during her next pregnancy.
My daughter, had to have a small procedure to help make it possible for my grandson to be conceived. Then she had to have another procedure called, Cervical Circlage, With those things done she started her pregnancy as normal and calm as possible. She needed to have some progesterone shots, be a little more cautious than usual so as not to run any unnecessary risks.
Times have changed and new traditions have started wth these young couples. I had heard but had not attended a "Gender Reveal" party and was about to go to my first one to find out the sex of my grand baby. I knew what it was,  as I have always said I can tell what the gender will be when I look at a mom-to-be. Thus far in my years I have been 100% correct, just sayin. Naturally I had told my daughter what she was carrying but I was still nervous because my record was un-marred up to now. Since Lady Sofia's 2nd birthday and the sonogram happened to be in the same week the parentals decided to combine both occasions.

Time for the announcement came and there was one happy father as the blue, boy, ballon came up from a box. I had told my daughter it was a boy. Haven't missed yet in 50 years.
The celebration about the confirmation it was boy commenced and  suddenly baby clothes, shoes and nursery decorations was all that could be talked about. Months passed all was fine. I tried convincing Chenoa that I wanted to throw a wonderful baby shower since she couldn't have one prior to the birth of Lady Sofia since she went into early labor the day the invitations had been mailed out. Chenoa always my humble child decided she did not want a shower as it was her second child. However, when her aunt Cindy heard the news she stated, "every girl needs to have a baby shower." So  it was planned. Aunt Cindy can really throw a beautiful soiree so I was very happy because I knew everything would be handled as beautifully as I would do it and then some.  I was in charge of the cake and how I love ordering cakes for any party. Got on thee phone with my friends at Bake Me A Cake and we came up with a beautiful design. I don't like to make them, just create and eat them.

We started calling Chenoa's bridesmaids specially her Matron's of Honor. The planning started, the invites went out, shopping had started and the joy of celebrating this baby was around us. The shower was set for the January 19, 2014 at Aunt Cindy's house. Chenoa's friends would be coming in from out of town on Friday and Saturday. 
The weekend arrived and the house was a buzz. Ashley was to stay at my house with her little girl, Zella and Trisha and her daughter, Nikki, were to stay with Chenny and Jonathan. I was beyond excited to see these girls all together as I had know them while in high school and in college. Now I get to see them  all grown up and as mothers. Time does fly. 
These girls were her partners in crime in high school and in college. 
Trisha, Chenoa andAshley

We are all excited and talking about the shower and what we still needed to do. Originally the girls with their girls were going to head to Disney but Chenny decided that would be too much walking for her so they stayed close to home. Suddenly after dinner Chenoa said, "I am feeling a little weird." Famous words for a mom-to-be, it means "baby is coming!!!" We timed her contraction, took bets, laughed and claimed it was gas. Finally Chenny went home early with Trisha and Nikki. 
Ashley and I stayed outside laughing and having a couple of drinks as we were waiting to see where this was going. We heard Chenny and Jonathan had gone to the hospital to be on the safe side and get Chenny checked out. Chenny and Jonathan were about to head home when at the last minute the doctor decided to keep Chenny for observation over night. We all went to bed because we had a shower to go to the next morning.  
Surprise!!!! Baby will be delivered within the hour.  That is what we woke up to. We started by jumping in the shower, calling a sitter who could handle three little girls three and under and two of them didn't know the sitter and were away from home. 
It was like a scene from Steel Magnolia's when Shelby goes into labor during the Easter Picnic. We were literally running around trying to get things ready for the kids, get dressed, not panic. 
Sitter arrives and we jumped in the car. 

Then we realized, it was the day of the shower and the guest of honor will not be attending. Quickly we contacted aunt Cindy, and started calling and posting on Facebook to let everyone know the baby is going to be delivered. 

The second baby shower planned for Chenoa was not going to happen after all. 

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