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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Life Has Taken A Dark Road....I Want Off of This Road


Really God...... Really???? Was two deaths and a micro-preemie not enough hurt for one person in a matter of six months? Now my beloved daddy has a stroke? I guess it could have been worst, he could have died. 
Talk about being pulled in so many directions. Work all day, come home get some healing by loving my Lady Sofia, watching from the corner of my eye to make sure my daughter is ok, try to have some sort of relationship with my husband, going to the nursing facility to make sure my dad is being taken care of well. Oh yes I forgot get my campaign organized. Keep that smile on the face because I don't want to make anyone sad. So I hold on to my Lady Sofia as often as I can and I just try to take in her calmness, I love seeing the peaceful expression on her face. It is full of calm, happiness and just plain zen. I think if my Lady Sofia had not been born I would have honestly collapsed. Ahh the breath of sleeping baby is the best zen inducer.  

I remember my husband would sing to our daughter, Chenoa, "Isn't She Lovely" by Stevie Wonder. When Lady Sofia would sleep I would hum that song for her. But when she was awake I loved singing "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen. My silly moves and out of tune voice causes her to laugh so big. She is tiny but boy is she mighty. I promise if she was a lion cub she would be roaring. 
I sit and I tell Sofia what her first birthday party is going to be like, what pretty dresses I will be buying her and how she will be just spoiled with from from this Glam-ma, no doubt. I have en told her how I will put a fence around our pool until she is ready for swim lessons 
I am so looking forward to Easter because the bunny is just going to give my Lady Sofia a rockin basket. 
Sofia, my love there is so much we will do together. I will even take this girl to Bergdorf Goodman to shop and have lunch together when she is 5 years old. 
Like Dr. Seuss says "Kid you'll move mountains" in the the poem Oh The Places You'll Go. 

Nite, nite

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